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Security is becoming one of the most important aspects of each online business. Nevertheless, a surprisingly small number of companies use a https-secured website. Due to the wide selection of SSL certificates being available it’s sometimes hard to choose between them.

  • An Extended Validation certificate is highly recommended when running a webshop, or a website gathering sensitive information, like payment details. The guidelines of Extended Validation give the visitors a 100% guarantee that he is visiting the right website, and that the highest level of security has been enabled.
  • A premium security certificate is recommended when you manage a website that collects personal or other sensitive information.
  • When multiple subdomains on one server need to be secured, a wildcard certificate is a cheap and easy solution.
  • When the visibility and recognizability of the security is of secondary importance, and the main aim is securing the data transmission, a medium security certificate is exactly what you need.
  • When you want to secure an intranet, a beta-version of a website or another domain that has no real importance, you can choose for an SSL certificate from the ‘budget security’ category.

When trust and recognizability are important, choose for a VeriSign SSL certificate: the brand that is strongest in the market, and has the biggest market share.

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