Serving the Nation


As a rule, the individuals who serve the country do as such sacrificially, helping others to make progress for the advantage of the network all in all. Along these lines, giving advantages all of society.

Commend the estimation of all commitments to the country, little or vast, and ingrain the estimation of benevolence and aptitudes based volunteering in the social texture.

Urge youthful ages to express their patriotism through including them in activities that advantage the region and its networks.

Bring issues to light to groups of the benefit of serving the country with the goal that patriotism may by acquainted with future ages at a youthful age.

Dig in the estimations of administration to network and country into the quintessence of the Emirati personality.

Underline the significance of protecting national assets and shielding them for who and what is to come.

Build up programs in schools that show understudies about the estimation of network benefit, settling in these qualities in understudies from a youthful age so they may develop and offer back to their nation.

Embrace outreach projects and correspondences activities that fortify the estimation of administration to the network and place the soul of giving in regular daily existence.

Correspond serving the country with peace, wellbeing and security, which prompts development, thriving and prosperity.

Advance serving the country as a mutual obligation amongst private and open segment elements, and also people, and make a component to bring together all endeavors and contribute assets ideally.

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